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    • How to win real money in pokies?

    • Pokies generate about 70 percent of the total amount in casinos’ income. This is because it has massive payouts. The winner just needs to learn how to play pokies and win real money.

      Here are a few tricks tried and tested by professionals. Before playing, the gamer must decide on how much they are willing to spend. It is crucial to have a specific bidding amount and stick to it.

      Whether the player wins or loses, they should stick to the strategy. In case the player loses, they should not attempt to keep playing to win everything back. It is essential to maintain self-control here.

      Luck is a factor that matters a lot in winning. However, trying out variants as a newbie increases the chance of how to play pokies online and win real money.

      Different styles of pokies

      • 3-Reel Pokies are the classic form with traditional graphics and moderate wins.
      • Video Pokies are the modification and animated version of 3 reel pokies, and it ranges from medium to high volatility.
      • Wild card pokies are quite simple and have a high payout with attractive graphics.
      • Multiplier Pokies is designed to bring in big wins and rewards. Here all the dealings happen in coins.
      • Bonus Multiplier is easy to play pokies online and win real money with bonus amounts and prizes.
      • Bonus Game pokies focus on free spins and bonus credits.
      • Megaspin Pokies has multiple slots to play simultaneously, and thereby, also boost the chance of winning.
      • Special feature pokies have all that a player can ever want and expect from pokies, be it scatters, or bonus or free spins.

      Bonus in online pokies

      In the universe of online pokies, there are some free bonuses and some paid ones. Most are registration bonuses that give away free stuff for demonstration purposes. These are called no deposit bonuses. Some pokies also give out free coins or spins instead of deposits.

      For big wins, progressive jackpots are the way to go. Not only does it offer jackpots but also hoards of lucrative bonuses. In Australia and New Zealand, they are booming. And with wins up to 1 million USD, it is no surprise that it’s a top-notch game.

      History of Pokies

      Pokies or slots have an extensive history in the gambling world. The first slot machine was designed in the US by Charles August Fey.

      It soon became a rage among gamblers, and it’s growing popularity inspired Mr. Fey to begin a full-fledged company dedicated to designing and manufacturing slot machines.

      After several rough tumbles with the law, the pokies became a hit and maintained a lush run from 1909 till the 21st century. Now with RNG’s or Random Number Generators, the infamy of pokies has gone down by several notches, and it’s a win-win for all.

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